Hi, I am Dionissis Zervas and in this post I will discuss how and when to make the choice of a Dedicated Server for your hosting needs.

Dedicated servers are one of the many options to host a web site. Other options are VPS, shared hosting. But when do you choose a dedicated server?


Obviously the name “Dedicated Servers” gives out the fact that the server only belongs to you whereas the Virtual Private Servers or the Shared Hosting Servers are part of infrastructure shared with other users.

Dedicated Servers were the first type of web servers when the Web first appeared. They are a full server hardware system which is running an operating system such as Linux or Windows and on top of it a web server software such as Apache, Nginx or IIS.

Your web site or web applications will run on this server and you will have full management rights. You can access the operating system, make changes, install software, reboot the server and anything else you would be able to do with your own server.

In addition,  the resources of the server obviously belong to you. You have the whole hard disk, memory and processing power at your disposal.

VPS and shared hosting servers do not give you these. A VPS will give you access to the OS but will be part of a virtual system and share the hardware resources while a Shared Hosting server will share hardware resources without any OS access.

As a result, the reasons for which you would use a Dedicated Server would be as follows:

  1. You have or expect thousands of visitors on your web site and therefore you need the full hardware resources (memory, processing power, hard disk)
  2. You have a very processor-intensive and demanding web application to host which will require a lot of processor power and memory to run.
  3. You have a hard-disk intensive application to run such as an online file management system.
  4. You need full access to the OS to install applications that cannot be installed on a Shared Hosting server and you also have another of the above requirements. (If you only need OS access, you may be able to use a VPS).