SEO – 5 essential steps to optimize your web site

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your web site to be better indexed in search engines and to rank higher in their results. By optimising your site, a search engine, – we are mostly concerned with Google – will favour your site over others when someone searches for something relevant to your site.

What are the 5 essential steps for being found in Google?

1) Tags and code optimisation

The first part of optimising your web site is to do some meta tags optimisation. Meta tags are words that you put in the code of the web page to indicate what search keywords this page should answer to. You can do this by accessing the code of the web page. Alternatively, you can access these settings without coding if you are using a CMS such as WordPress. In this case, you would need to easily install a suitable plugin for WordPress that enables you to edit meta tags easily without coding.

2) Keywords research

To be found on the web, you would want people who search for content relevant to your pages to be directed to your page by Google. For this to be done, you would need to research how these people search for your content. The exact keywords and phrases they are using are very important so that you get the traffic that you deserve. To do this, keywords research is recommended. This can be done either by using some software / web tools or by using the Google Adwords platform, without necessarily starting a paid campaign.

3) On-page (content) optimisation

Optimising your page content is very important. Google ranks sites depending on how the content is organised on the page in relation to the search term. For example, if you search in Google for “digital camera”, the web pages that contain that term will be ranked higher if there is a specific frequency of this keyword on the page, if the keyword also appears in the title, and if other similar criteria are met.

4) Off-page optimisation

Off-page optimisation refers to backlinks and authority building. Backlinks are links from other sites to your site, and they are important because Google evaluates the number and quality of sites that link to your site, considering that your site must be important if they are linking to you. However, their content must be relevant. Linking to your digital cameras site from a dietary products site is not really relevant and will not be helpful in increasing your ranks in Google.

Authority building is the process of making your site more important in Google. The authority of other sites that link to you is the most helpful factor to build your authority, but there are other factors that affect this, such as your traffic.

5) Google Local Pack

The Local Pack is the familiar business listing in Google that stands out from the rest and has a map above it. This used to be a list of 7 relevant sites but now it has changed to 3 sites. This is applicable to you if your business location is important, i.e. a restaurant or a hair salon. When people search in their vicinity or if they put a location in their search (e.g. “restaurants in central London”) then the Google Local Pack will show them the most relevant results to that location.

Becoming part of these results is easy but still needs a certain setup in Google myBusiness.

Overall, these are the most essential steps to achieve basic SEO for your site. After doing these, you can proceed further with other optimisation and improvement actions such as improving the loading speed of your web site or installing a security certificate. These and many other criteria that Google uses will further help in your quest for the higher rankings in Google search results.

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