Do you  have a web site ? Were you ok with it ? Well, on the 24th of July, you will not be ok, because Google decided to change the game.

Welcome to the new status on the Internet. The status of “secure” web pages !

So, what is this about ? It is about Google using it’s influence to motivate you to secure your web pages.

When is a page secure ?

Calling a page “secure” may have many meanings and requires examining a lot of factors, i.e. the scripts that are running, the authentication methods etc., however, the main criterion for calling a page “secure” is if you have installed a Security Certificate. The Security Certificate is a digital certificate that is validated by a trusted third party – one of the few well-known companies worldwide – which “certifies” your web site’s identity. It is very difficult to hack such a page to steal information if there is a certificate installed.

What changed to make my page “not secure” after July 24th 2018 ?

Nothing changed in your page. The only change is in Google Chrome. Chrome now sees your page from a different perspective. It basically marks it as “not secure” because you are missing the certificate. But you were missing it before…yes, that is correct. Google now is changing and is trying to motivate you to increase your security, otherwise it will display the “not secure” message.

Although this sounds as they are kind of forcing you, it is actually good because it will increase the overall security on the Internet and reduce the number of malicious attacks. Of course, it will also increase your costs because you have to buy a certificate (which is a recurring yearly fee) and also you may have to do other changes on your web page like http to https redirection, links correction etc.).

Should I do it ?

Well, it is up to you. Everyone else will start doing it and sooner or later you will end up being from the very few that do not have a certificate. If you do it, you will very much enjoy the green padlock icon that will make your visitors trust your web pages.

Google is motivating you to increase security, and this will have an additional benefit, that your web site will be placed higher than others that do not have the certificate… at least until everyone else has a certificate !