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Web Design to promote your products and services

Customer loyalty

Members sites to provide your customers with private areas

Marketing and Communications

Keep your customers at reach and informed

Members Site

Create your private members site and provide your customers with subscriptions, trainings, exclusive access to software updates, video clips and other relevant information.

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Managed Web Services

Creative Wonders provides Managed Web Services, enabling individuals and small businesses to be free of the administrative and maintenance burdens of their web presence. CW provides the server hosting, the creation and the maintenance and update of your web project.

WordPress Site Design

Choose one of the most popular CMS systems to host and run your website on. WordPress has proven itself for many years and is the platform choice for many professionals for their web presence needs.  The Creative Wonders WordPress Site Design services aim to provide you with a stunning website based on a well-known platform that is easy to update and maintain.

Bootstrap Design

The latest elegant and modern designs can based on Twitter Bootstrap can both accelerate the developer’s time and provide you with a fully professional Bootstrap Design web presence.

Website Security Certificates

Website Security Certificates

Website Security Certificates   Have you ever seen website security certificates ? Green or Red Padlock? You may all have seen those little red or green padlock icons in the address bar of a web browser. Some web pages show it with the red padlock and a red...

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Virtual Private Servers explained

Virtual Private Servers are another option when choosing a web hosting server for a web site. These are the intermediate solution between a shared hosting account and a dedicated server. With a dedicated server you would have all the resources of the server available...

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What is Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a very well known Web Development framework created by Twitter. It is now widely used in the industry by many Web Design and Development professionals. Bootstrap helps developers save time and produce web pages faster by providing ready-made tools that...

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Shared Hosting

In the early days of web hosting, running a web server was equivalent to actually installing web server software on a computer server in a data centre. This would mean that each web site would require a dedicated computer with the relevant software to run. It soon...

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