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Design-as-you-go !

Remove upfront costs !

Remove the initial / startup costs barrier ! Let Creative Wonders design your site without upfront costs of thousands. Just signup and start paying a low monthly fee, and we will create your web site together. We can do it at your pace, and it does not matter how slow or fast. You just keep paying the monthly fee and we take care of the design.

Remove the uncertainty !

Remove the quality uncertainty barrier ! Your website will probably be ready between 1 and 3 months after signing-up. This depends on your pace. But one of the reasons you do not sign up with other designers is that you are not sure of the result. We have removed this from your list of worries ! If you don’t like it, you have the right to cancel before the end of the 3rd month. In this way you kept your investment as low as between 1 and 3 monthly payments of low value compared to the thousands for a site design. You can now do something else, no committment and no loss for you.

Remove the technical side !

Remove the technical side ! Enjoy complete management and administration of your account by Creative Wonders without the need for IT knowledge or your own IT staff. You just tell us what you need and we’ll do it.

Managed Web Service Elements

Web Hosting

Your Web Hosting package with plenty of space and great uptime. All accounts are hosted in a UK datacentre.

Outsourced Management / Administration

Enjoy full administration by the provider. Backups, web space administration and everything needed to maintain your account.

Technical Support

Internet-based friendly and knowledgeable technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Managed Web Service includes Web Hosting and Administration of your account.

Administration includes common technical tasks such as uploading / downloading files, resetting passwords, creating email addresses, cleaning-up files when needed and most important, backups. In this way a Managed Web Service is made so that you do not need any technical person to manage your web site, as all will be done by the provider.


What is a managed service?

It is a service that combines web hosting with administration of your account. It is made for people or companies who want someone technical to manage their web account.

What do your managed services include ?

They include your web site design from scratch, your web hosting server, administration of your site and optional content updates.

What is the administration part of a managed service ?

With a managed web service, there are two parts: The web hosting account and the administration of this account. The latter is done by a technical person. It involves managing the web hosting account, creating/deleting emails, resetting passwords, uploading files, web space cleanup, backup and other similar administrative tasks.

Why is web hosting cheaper than managed services ?

Because web hosting is only a username and a password given to you. You are responsible for managing your account. With a managed service, all administrative work is done by the provider.

What are the costs associated ?

The only cost is a monthly fee, depending on the package you will select.
This includes all the services (Site Design, web Hosting, Administration) except content updates. The content updates are an extra monthly fee, added to the initial package.
There is no upfront charges for the site design.

Why is there no upfront Web Design charges ?

We want our customers to benefit by a Design-As-You-Go system where there is no upfront design costs. The design costs have been integrated in the monthly fee. This removes the barrier that most small businesses face, which is to start with a considerable initial investment.

How long does the design last ? When do I start paying ?

As soon as you sign-up , you will pay the first month of the service. Then, you will be contacted to start the design process. You can take your time to design the site. We are only asking you to decide if you will keep the service further than 3 months. If you decide to continue, you can still work on the design with us past the 3 months, within the design guidelines and principles that we will set initially.

If I cancel before the 3 months, do I get a refund ?

This is a monthly service where we wanted to remove the barrier of upfront costs for you. If you decide to cancel, then the 3 months you paid are costs for hosting, administration and the design, so these cannot be refunded.

If I cancel before the 3 months, do I get to keep the design ?

This service is structured in such a way to a) remove upfront costs and b) guarantee that you have no obligation if you do not like the design. If you cancel, then the design stays with Creative Wonders.

Is there a way to keep the design ?

Due to the monthly nature of this service, and the removal of any upfront costs for the design work, which is normally priced at thousands, you can get the design if you pay a design fee which is priced according to the package you selected. Without paying this fee, you will only have the design available online for as long as you are a subscriber of the service. You can get the design at any time, it does not matter if you cancel or if you are an active subscriber.

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