CW Members Area Pro – a members site

The Creative Wonders Members Area Pro system is a members site built for businesses or individuals who wish to provide a private space for their customers. This private area is only accessible by a login and can be used for providing services and subscriptions. Members can log in to watch training videoclips, to have access to informational material, news or anything that a private community would need. The business offering the private area can use it for direct revenue, by offering access to the private area as a paid service, or for indirect revenue, by using the private members area to enhance their product and service offerings.

Members site screenshot
members site email activation

Email Activation

Email activation is used during the first steps of the user registration process in a members site to ensure that the user is safe and there is no security issues. If the user does not click on the activation link, the link will expire, avoiding future issues with false account creation.

Customisable Menu System


Customisable, clear and functional menu system, implemented as a left sidebar. The menu items have sub-items which are actual links to pages. Customisation of the menu ensures that the business offering the members site will have the exact menus and pages they want to link to, with the exact names that they wish to have.

members site menu system
members site user profile editing

User Profile Editing

User Profile Editing allows the users of the members site to change their personal details and their photo, thus allowing self-service and reducing admin work that would otherwise need to be done by the webmaster.

Flexible Content Pages

Content pages in the members site can be customised to the exact specifications of the business offering the service to their clients. Flexible customisation can provide panels, menus, accordions, tabs and other similar elements that enhance the look of a page and provide more information in less space, without the need for lengthy or multiple pages.

members site content page
members site web forms

Web Forms

Forms can be created within the private pages of the members site to provide the members with the ability to request support, apply for a service or for any other purpose that would require a web form. With a clear and slick interface, these forms will add to the professional image of the business while enhancing productivity and reducing support calls and emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a members area site ?

A members area site is a web site or part of a web site which is protected with a login screen from public visitors. The members area pages are not accessible by the visitors of the main web site, but only by the people who have a login account.

What is a members area site used for ?

It is used by businesses and organisations for providing a secure and protected area to their users for the purpose of subscription services, private customer pages or other similar purposes. Training organisations can provide subscriptions to their training material, news organisations can provide private area news, software companies can provide special member access with updates and technical support. These are a few examples, there are many other applications of a members area site.

Is this a product or a service ?

This is a service provided by Creative Wonders. The members area is setup and customised according to the client requirements.

Do I have to have a web site to use this service ?

No, you can use the CW Members Area Pro system either with your main web site or completely standalone, if you don’t have a website. In the standalone version, you will use the system under one of our domain names (example: where abc is your company name.

Which parts are customisable ?

The parts that are customisable are:

The menu options and sub-options.

The system home page when logged in and when logged out.

The system content pages.

The system login pages.

The user profile database fields. Additional fields can be added (such as address, profession etc.).



What is the interface based on ?

The pages of the CW Members Area Pro system are based on Bootstrap modified with a bootstrap theme.

Can the system be modified with another theme ?

Yes, Creative Wonders can propose several themes that you can use. These can be :

The original Bootstrap theme.

Several free Bootstrap themes.

Other commercial themes.

Changing the original theme of the Members Area Pro with any of the above requires additional work and is a chargeable service.

If I already have a web site, how does the members area integrate ?

Integration can be done by using an Iframe to show the members site as part of the main web site.

Another option is to use a link from the main site that directs the users to the system address in our servers.

Request information

Please contact us to request more information.