Search Engine Optimisation

Increase your exposure and your business. Get found on the Internet.

SEO ranks high

Take advantage of free high rankings in Google. Optimise your site for the best results. Overtake the competition. Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving your site’s organic results in Google to reach as high as possible.

The first 4 results in Google take most of the traffic for the specific keyword. The first result takes more traffic than the next 3 together. And all of this without paying.

Optimisation happens within the code and also on the page. Google wants to establish that your page has your expertise in a subject and therefore your page has to show this in many ways. Title tags and other HTML elements in the code must be properly configured while your text must be clear and must contain relevant keywords in particular frequencies.

An optimisation process takes time and requires strict following of the Google rules but this will pay back by providing your site with more traffic and better targeted visitors.